Tuesday, May 11, 2010



The thing about having so many amazing contributors is this: they change their minds, they up their games, they make incredible displays of generosity.

Agent Suzie Townsend emailed me last night to say that she noticed the last four bids for her editorial letter on a full ms and phone call were all over $1000.

Her exact words: For that kind of donation, I'm willing to read and write an editorial letter and call all four of them (please note it will take her a few weeks, and she asks you to be patient).

So here's the thing. With $200 separating the four, we've knocked the final bid back to an even $1000. Four highest bidders: Derek Whisman, Helena Carlo, Denise Grover Swank, and willmail, if you are still willing to bid that, contact us via email ASAP.

We continue to be amazed by the generosity of our community.


  1. Suzie is a class act

  2. I'm stunned. I'm grateful. I'm proud to contribute. Suzie is incredibly generous.
    Sagelikethespice and Eisley Jacobs are right. :)

  3. I'll echo what Eisley said, "Suzie ROCKS!" What a generous offer to the lucky bidders!

  4. as one of her clients, I'll confirm that Suzie is phenomenal, and she goes above and beyond ALWAYS.

  5. She DOES rock.

    Plus, if she has the Hannahtron, she must be even more awesome.

    I do have a question, though, and I don't want to bombard your email. The post says she's willing to write the letter and call all four of us. Does that mean the full critique only goes to Will? Or was that part just left out (meaning all four get that too)?

    Just wanted to be certain. Thank you!!

  6. Suzie, you are awesome! I'm eager for your feedback.

  7. Suzie, you astound me.

    (as a client, I can attest to her A-FREAKING-MAZING editorial eye - congrats to the highest bidders!)

  8. Derek, I'll read all four mss, write up my editorial notes for each one, and call everyone. So four prizes instead of just one. As long as everyone realizes it'll take some time :)

    Kristin & Hannah: You. Are. Fabulous.

    Thank you everyone for bidding and for donating to Nashville! And to Victoria, Myra, and Amanda for putting this all together! We have such a great community here :)

  9. Thank you Suzie! It's great to see your clients giving you such support, too! That's usually the sign of a great agent.

    I would like to accept. I'll send an email to the dtwtfn. Thanks for doing this!

    Oh, and don't worry, I'm sure I speak for the others when I say we perfectly understand it will take time for you to process all four!


  10. Suzie Townsend rocks.

    We knew it.
    Now you know it.
    Pretty soon everyone in the world will know it.

    We ♥ Suzie!

  11. Yes yes yes the shark speaks the truth!

  12. Good grief! That's generous, Suzie. I hope she's ready for a query deluge as word of her fabulosity gets out. ;)

  13. Can only second and third what has been said about Suzie.

    She's awesome!

    Congrats to all the bidders, worth every cent!