Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 8 - Item 19

From Julie Weathers: Two custom made genuine catch ropes bowls - one to each of the two highest bidders. Winners will get to choose the color of the bowls and either barbeque or sweet Texas treats to fill it.

Barbeque treats: Shiner Bock salt and pepper shakers,  Claude’s Brisket Sauce, a selection of Fiesta seasonings, and Carroll Shelby’s Chili Seasoning.

Sweet treats: Texas Trash (nuts, cereals and pretzels coated with white chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar), Pecans Scandia, Orange Pecans and Chocolate Mint Pecans.

Winners also receive a copy of the short story A Woman Scorned, a perfect life lesson from an old west, Texas woman, and an original western drawing.

For more details, see Julie's blog post here.


  1. Great item Julie!

  2. Thanks. The pictures really don't do the bowls justice. I love it when the inner colors come through in the burn pattern. Plus, it's for a really great cause.

  3. $55 - great birthday present for sis!

  4. Omgosh. Mr. Tiizer. Good to see you.

  5. I have an urgent craving for Texas Trash. Also, I am in love with these bowls. $100

  6. This sounds like a treat! $110

  7. Susan and Renae, if you will leave me a message on my blog with what color rope you would like and BBQ or Sweet Treats, I will get started on them.

    Thanks to everyone for bidding. This was for a great cause and the people of Nashville are so deserving.

    Also thanks to our great hostesses.