Friday, May 21, 2010


Hello, all.

A couple pieces of business.

#1. Your hosts, due to "normal life", must go away for the weekend. We shall be checking email as much as possible, but if you don't hear back by Monday, DON'T PANIC.

Now, #2. #2 is VERY IMPORTANT.

Several winners have not claimed their prizes. Of those, some have left us NO WAY to contact them. If there's the slightest chance you won an item, CHECK ON IT.

ROUNDS 1-5: You have until Monday to claim your prize, or we will move on to the next highest bidder. PLEASE, PLEASE EMAIL US. If you must withdraw, EMAIL. If you have a question, EMAIL.

IF the next highest bidder doesn't claim the item, IT WILL GO BACK UP FOR BID. We will have a final round for these items.

The email: dtwtfn at gmail dot com

~Your loving hosts.


  1. Will you be posting any unclaimed items so people can buy them? Honestly it drives me sort of nuts that 74k was earned, when 75K is such a better number. Maybe we can squeeze out some extra dollars out of people with unclaimed items.

  2. YES. Adding a note to the post right now...

  3. Will you post a note to the next higher bidder for the unclaimed items?

  4. Thanks for the update. I was dithering on whether I should ping you about an item of mine that wasn't claimed, but decided to give it a bit longer. I know you ladies have been working overtime! <3

  5. How will the next highest bidder be notified? Will it be a post on this blog or will you email them?

  6. Julia, we will be posting here and trying to notify via email IF there is one either provided or accessible.

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