Wednesday, May 5, 2010


First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who's passed along our information via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The outpouring of support has been amazing and a little overwhelming!

We've decided to use this blog to run the actual auctions. Dates will be announced soon. Until then, look for updates and auction items on our official Facebook page here:

You can email us at dtwtfn at gmail dot com if you are an industry professional and would like to donate book related items to be considered for the auction.

Again, thank you so much!

Amanda, Victoria, and Myra


  1. As a Nashville resident, I can't tell you how much this means to us here. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful way to help our community.
    I have posted about "Do the Write Thing for Nashville" on my blog discordianZen. I am currently participating in the WordCount Blogathon and I am sure others from that group will help in any way they can. I have also added you to our Netvibes Dashboard of Blogathon participants.Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  3. I have a signed copy of 'The Andromeda Strain' by Michael Chrichton that I can donate. Tell me how.
    I have many friends in Nashville and this is the least I can do.

  4. You guys are doing an amazing thing!

  5. I posted on my blog and I've sent the info out to my local RWA chapter. You guys are awesome for doing this and as a resident of Nashville I can't thank you enough.