Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 5 - Item 3

From author Kari Dell: 

Up to five days stay on a working Montana cattle ranch in Glacier
County, on the east slope of the Rocky Mountains. All meals and and
lodging included. Winning bidder will need to provide their own
transportation to the ranch or one of the nearest airports: Great
Falls, Kalispell or Bozeman, Montana or Calgary, Alberta. Package
includes one day trip to Glacier National Park, weather permitting.
Date of trip is negotiable, to be redeemed by Sept. 1, 2011.

Note to bidders: This is not a dude ranch. You'll get a private cabin
(no hot tub, no spa) and plenty of real Montana ranch life. For more
information regarding the ranch and what you might expect on your
visit go to


  1. Hey, all. I forgot to clarify when I submitted this information that this package is for up to four people. The winning bid is the total price, not per person, so pool your money with friends or family!

  2. is there a minimum bid price?

    I am going to put down $100.00 but if there is a minimum - I will revisit the item ;o)

  3. A hundred bucks works for me to start it off.

  4. Good show, Mr. Tiizer. I may still have to round up some friends and try to beat you.

  5. You'd still have a bargain with great folks in magnificent surroundings

  6. Yes, sir. I was born in Sidney. My dad lived in Lincoln for many years and we still have a gold mine out of Avon. When he had a stroke, I drove to the Ft. from Lincoln every morning and back again at night for several weeks. That truly is God's country. I miss it very much.

  7. I now live in Helena so you are more deserving of a return trip if you can swing it. I grew up in Ennis and played basketball with Kari's father and one uncle.

  8. Helena is a beautiful town. One of the very few towns I enjoy being lost in so I get to see all the beautiful old homes.

    I think your contribution is a wonderful tribute, sir.

  9. Do children under the age of four count toward the total number of people?

  10. Liviana: Not as long as they can sleep on the floor. The cabin has a full bed, a queen bed and a couch.

  11. Wow, I'm astounded. None of the votes are changing.

  12. The bidding for this item is now closed.