Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank You, and Good Night

Your three hostesses are overwhelmed, amazed and eternally grateful for ... everything. We wanted to make the last items up personal, so, now up for bid: 

~ Because books started it all, a book that means something special:

From Victoria - JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR. NORRELL by Susanna Clarke

From Myra - THE WIZARD OF OZ by L. Frank Baum

From Amanda - ELLA ENCHANTED by Gail Carson Levine

~ Because writing is what we do, a first chapter critique from each of us

~ Because it speaks the truth, the photo (taken by Matt Drewes) pictured on our banner, framed and signed with a personalized thank you

~ Because we're proud of you, a *Do The Write Thing For Nashville* t-shirt

~ And finally, because we appreciate you so much, if you're ever in our spectacular and resilient city of Nashville:

Lunch. On us.* 

*includes cupcakes 

With MUCH, MUCH more love than we could ever express, 

Do The Write Thing For Nashville

Afternoon Delight

From the Twilight Lexicon: A signed copy of Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

Midday Surprise

From literary agent Jill Corcoran, a critique of your query and the first ten pages of your YA or MG novel via phone call.

Day 10 - Item 15

From author Jennifer Holm: A page from an original Babymouse lay-out and a skype visit from the author. 

Day 10 - Item 14

From conference organizer Chantel Acevedo: It's The Auburn Writers Conference and our theme this year is THE CHILD ON THE PAGE: WRITING FOR AND ABOUT CHILDREN. There's a day of workshops (including a query workshop with Holly Root and fiction workshop with Rachel Hawkins), and a day of seminars. Dinner, lunch and entertainment included. Whoever wins the auction must cover their own travel/hotel expenses, however.

Day 10 - Item 13

From USA Today bestselling author Rochelle Alers: A romance package including 10 signed books, lavender water, massage oil, candle and a CD with romantic music.

Day 10 - Item 12

From Disney*Hyperion editor Abby Ranger: middle grade or YA critique, up to 40 pages plus a 3-page synopsis, with an e-mail response as well as a 20-minute phone call. To be scheduled for a mutually convenient time between July and November.

Day 10 - Item 11

From Marianne Strnad: A signed, personalized copy of THE VAMPIRE AND THE VIRGIN by New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks.

Day 10 - Item 10

From editorial director Stacy Whitman at Lee and Low/Tu Books: A one chapter critique. Tu specializes in publishing fantasy, science fiction, mystery and historical fiction for minority children and young adults.

Day 10 - Item 9

From bestselling, award winning author Deeanne Gist: An autographed hard back of her upcoming June release, Maid To Match, and an online video conference (skype or whatever) or a telephone conference with a book club. All members of the winning book club will receive book marks, autographed book plates from Deeanne and a "Dee's Circle of Friends" lapel pin.

Day 10 - Item 8

From Debbie Diesen: Two fun, rhyming picture books, signed by the author (made out to you or to a person/s of your choice):
  • The Barefooted, Bad-Tempered Baby Brigade features a protest crawl of babies. They're fed up with baths, bibs, and belly kisses, and they're not going to take it anymore! Silly and fun, the book is really a sentimental story in disguise, and makes a great baby shower gift.
  • The Pout-Pout Fish, a New York Times bestseller, features the perpetually pouty Mr. Fish. He resists his friends' efforts to cheer him up, but in the end he's transformed by a random act of smoochiness into... a kiss-kiss fish!
The author will also include in this lot 50 signed bookmarks.

Day 10 - Item 7

From The Trades: THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB - THE SUMMER BEFORE (ARC copy, softcover, signed by Ann M. Martin) and ALICE'S JOURNEY BEYOND THE MOON (limited edition hardcover, signed by R.J. Carter and Lucy Wright, re-signed and dated by Carter).

Day 10 - Item 6

From New York Times bestselling author Nancy Holder: All three books in the WICKED YA dark fantasy series, personalized and autographed for the winner, a container of Wicked green apple mints, purchased by Nancy at Disneyland, and both books in the POSSESSIONS YA horror series, personalized and autographed for the winner.

Day 10 - Item 5

From Robin Bridges, author of THE GATHERING STORM (Bantam 2011): New copies of these YA titles: MISTWOOD, WHITE CAT, SHADE, and THE BODY FINDER, two sample packs of organic granola from, a twenty-five page critique, and a Nashville mug.

Day 10 - Item 4

From author Cyn Balog: "A copy of FAIRY TALE, a fortune cookie necklace, and the opportunity to name a character in my book, LIVING BACKWARDS, which is coming out in 2012. The rules are only that I have final say over the use of the name. Because it can't be anything like Scoobydoo Humperdink or whatever."

Day 10 - Item 3

From award-winning, non-fiction author of picture books for kids, Kelly Milner Halls: A critique of a complete nonfiction proposal or up to 20 pages of a nonfiction manuscript (preferably with a finished outline).

From award-winning, bestselling author Chris Crutcher: A swag bag with books, posters, bookmarks and other fun signed Crutcher goods inside.

Day 10 - Item 2

From freelance editor C.A. Marshall: An exhaustive edit and a copy edit, in addition to a query critique.

Day 10 - Item 1

From author Kristin Tubb: A signed hardback copy of Autumn Winifred Oliver Does Things Different and a signed ARC of Selling Hope.

Note from Kristin: I'd like to add a detailed synopsis critique. (Synopses are my strong point.  Love em.  That probably makes me sick and twisted, but whatever... ;-)  ) 

From author Laurel Snyder: Signed copies of her three books Any Which Wall, Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains, and her last (personal) ARC of Penny Dreadful, a middle grade novel set in Tennessee. 

Note from Laurel: I will also name a character in my new book, "Bigger than a Breadbox" after the person of the winner's choice (them, their kid, grandpa, etc).  I'm also happy to add a half-hour chat with the winner about the ins and outs of getting published, or promoting their books, or whatever.

Round/Day SEVEN is closed!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Day/Round seven is now CLOSED.

I wish we had time to check every comment thread to see if you've won and write down your email address, but we don't! So winners, please email us at

DAYS ONE THROUGH FOUR--if we haven't responded to your email, WE DIDN'T GET IT. Please resend! We want to get your items to you as soon as possible.

Other winners--try to give us at least 24 hours before you check in to see if we received your email. This auction keeps us busy, and with line edits, copy edits, and a full time job between the three of us, we're pretty slammed.

Lastly, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Our winning bidders are awesome. The people who donated the items rock. And all of you spreading the word? This wouldn't have been possible without you!