Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 1 - Item 15

Author Amy Reed has donated a signed copy of her book BEAUTIFUL (Simon Pulse). Amy's short work has been published in journals and this was her first YA novel. It's beautiful but bid so you can you see for yourself.

In addition to her book, Amy has offered a critique of the first 15 pages of a novel.

Day 1 - Item 14

How about a midday treat?!

Agent Michelle Wolfson of Wolfson Literary: A 30 minute phone call.

This just in from Michelle: If my bid gets to $375 I’ll throw in a query critique OR 1st 10 pages pre-call. Caller’s choice.

Day 1 - Item 13


ONE copy of Hannah Moskowitz's critically acclaimed debut novel BREAK, signed by the author and marked throughout the book with comments, secrets, and behind-the-scenes tidbits from the author herself. A one-of-a-kind!

Day 1 - Item 12

Signed copies of Wicked Lovely and Fragile Eternity by best-selling author Melissa Marr, donated by Jen Lamoureux.

Day 1 - Item 11

From New York Times bestselling author and Nashvillian Sherrilyn Kenyon: An advance novel for May 25th release INFINITY, and an INFINITY prize pack with bookmark, poster, etc.

Day 1 - Item 10

From author Kirstin Cronn-Mills (Flux): A signed copy of THE SKY ALWAYS HEARS ME: AND THE HILLS DON'T MIND and a 25 page critique.

Day 1 - Item 9

From author Angie Frazier (Scholastic Press): Her personal and last copy of the ARC of her book EVERLASTING.

Day 1 - Item 8

From knitter Annika Barranti: Custom fingerless gloves, perfect for typing. The winner will have a choice of size (ladies small, ladies large/men's small, men's large), wool or cotton, and color (based on availability in their chosen yarn--a single color with optional contrasting edges). They'll have long wrists and be open at the fingers (there will be a separate thumb). The winner can also choose whether they'd like a cabled braid or plain wrists.

Day 1 - Item 7

From Nashvillian author Susan Gregg Gilmore (Shaye Areheart Books): 6 hardcover copies of THE IMPROPER LIFE OF BEZELLIA GROVE (when released 8/17) and a luscious homemade pound cakes that ties into the book. Also, a SKYPE, i-Chat or personal visit with a book club depending on location.

Day 1 - Item 6

From Gwen Hayes, young adult author of FALLING UNDER (NAL/Penguin), one "What Gwen Said" coffee mug, critique for query letter plus first 30 manuscript pages.

Day 1 - Item 5

From Chris Richman, an agent at Upstart Crow and contributor to The Onion: a 30 minute phone call with a writer to discuss the industry, getting an agent, and whatever else they’d like to discuss.

Day 1 - Item 4

From Tessa Gratton, author of forthcoming BLOOD MAGIC (Random House), a short story critique. Limit 15 pages.

Day 1 - Item 3

From Hannah Moskowitz, author of BREAK (Simon Pulse) and professional query-pusher two query critiques. She wants to make your query agent-ready, so that you can sub now. Or now. How about now?

Critiques go to two highest bidders.

Day 1 - Item 2

From author Rachel Hawkins, 2 signed copies of her debut, Hex Hall (Disney*Hyperion), along with a rocking t-shirt.

One copy and t-shirt will go to each of the highest bidders.

Day 1 - Item 1

From critically-acclaimed mystery novelist Bill Cameron: Signed copies of LOST DOG (2007), CHASING SMOKE (2008), DAY ONE (2010) (Available June 1) and a character named by the bidder in COUNTY LINE ROAD (Someday).

How It Works

We'll clarify as questions arise, but for now, here's how the auctions will work:

ADDED: Comments are for BIDDING ONLY. Please post your bids in the comments sections.

1. Each item up for auction will post separately (ten to fifteen items every day).

2. You will have THREE DAYS to bid on items (well, until midnight CENTRAL STANDARD TIME on third day). We will give a Twitter/Facebook/blog comment warning to let you know when items are about to close (Twitter accounts @veschwab; @MyraMcEntire; @AmandaKMorgan. When comments close, bidding is over. Highest bid/last commenter wins. Winners will need to email dtwtfn @ gmail dot com.

3. In the event a commenter does not claim their item, we will proceed to the next to the last commenter, and so on.

4. Money will be collected in a Pay Pal account and one lump sum will be donated to ...

5. We ask for payment within one week of the close of your auction. The money is desperately needed by victims in middle Tennessee, and we'd like to get it to them as soon as possible.

6. Your PayPal receipt should serve as your proof for tax deduction needs.

7. In the case of any items up for bid that involve critiques, ALL PAGES ARE TO BE DOUBLE SPACED WITH A TWELVE POINT TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT.

Again, we'll add more instructions as questions come up! Thank you so much!