Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Attention Winners

All winning bidders who have contacted us have been emailed with the instructions needed to make their donations to The Community Foundation. If WINNING BIDDERS haven't received these instructions from dtwtfn @ gmail . com, please email again.

If you are a winning bidder and have sent us your RECEIPT from The Community Foundation and haven't been contacted by us yet, please email and let us know.

(There are a couple of you who have sent receipts who haven't been contacted yet because I'm waiting on confirmation from donators about which email address they prefer I use. But feel free to ping me anyway!)

Thanks so much for your patience!

All Items Now Closed

And so it comes to a close. The auction is officially over.

It's an amazing thing you all have done. As we said in the video, we can give up sleep and sanity, but without you, this would have never been. We are blessed and honored and eternally grateful.

Thank you for sticking with us.

WINNERS: If you've emailed us more than 24 hours ago and haven't heard back, please email again now.

DAY/ROUND TEN WINNERS: Email us now and let us know what you've won!

Our email is dtwtfn at gmail dot com.

As far as t-shirts, the info will go up here on the site in a day or two, as soon as it's all shiny and working.

Thank you.

There are no more words, I fear, that we haven't already used to the point of excess. So thank you.


Do the Write Thing for Nashville.