Monday, May 10, 2010


From Rose Fox, SF/fantasy/horror and mass market reviews editor for Publishers Weekly:

I'd like to offer: lunch with me in NYC (where I live) or Boston/Cambridge/Somerville (which I visit regularly). I will be happy to buy lunch, offer career advice, look over a few pages of a manuscript and give feedback, and generally be a source of knowledge about the publishing industry for the duration of the meal. 

My area of specialty is genre fiction, from SF and fantasy to thrillers and mysteries; writers, editors, publicists, reviewers and journalists interested in genre fiction are all welcome to apply. I'm happy to make good on this offer for each of the three highest bidders.

Guys. Guys. Hey Guys.

It's been a Monday type of Monday for us, but that hasn't slowed y'all down at all. Bidding is hot, middle Tennessee has relief on the way, and it's all thanks to you.

We'd like to ask a favor.

For winning bidders - we are moving as fast as we can to get your payment instructions to you. We've had some PayPal issues. We think maybe they thought we were secretly planning a trip to Aruba - compliments of you - so they locked our account for a few hours. We're sorting that out.

If you've sent us an email with an offer for a donation, we thank you. Please understand that there are only three of us, and (luckily) there are way more of you! We're alerting donors the night before their auction goes up, and right now that's as quickly as we can go. If at all possible, please do not email to ask if we've received your item. We have more than 600 emails in our inbox.

This is crazysauce. And also, awesome.

On one hand: We've agreed we cannot continue at the pace we're going for more than ten days. On the other hand: We have WAY more than enough auction items for ten days. So the plan is this:

1) We'll shortly be closing donations. Even if you are J.K. Rowling and you donate an item, we will have to say no thank you. (Okay, for J.K. we'll make an exception.)

2) For all the items that won't fit in days one through ten, we will organize bundles by item/genre. Crits, signed books, craft items, magazine subscriptions, artwork, etc.

3) We're developing a way for you to bid for these items. Example of what such a blog post might look like:

(Picture of five books.)

We have five signed books by authors A, B, C, D and E. First five commenters to agree to donate $15 each win a book. Books will be assigned randomly. Go.

4) We'll alert donors to make sure they want to participate in this way before we post the bundles.

Make sense? Good. Have questions? Comment.

Please, for the love of all that is literary, do not email.


Day 5 - Item 16

From author Kimberly Pauley: Signed hardback copies of Sucks to Be Me + Still Sucks to Be Me plus assorted book swag (bookmarks, temporary tattoos, etc.) plus a 30 - 45 minute Skype Video Chat (to talk about writing or Johnny Depp or whatever OR I'll do a presentation to a school or library of your choosing) plus a VERY limited edition Sucks to Be Me hand-etched and hand-painted batty bottle.

IF the winner of the auction happens to live in Illinois or Wisconsin (or wants to visit me in Illinois -- I'll give you a place to stay!), I will make my husband cook you dinner at our house (he's a much better cook than I am). Afraid I can't pay to fly you to the Chicago area, but if you're nearby I'll give you a meal you won't forget... And, of course, we'll have a grand old time talking about everything under the sun.

Day 5 - Item 15

From our most generous donor, Jen Lameroux, a one sheet from the Twilight script.

NOTE: The item was given to the donor directly from Nokia with a letter stating these were Rob and Kristen's signatures. However, it appears the one sheet is signed by Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed. We checked with someone else who has the same item, and they concur after investigation that it is indeed, Nikki Reed's signature, not Kristen's.

This specific one sheet is currently in transit, so we only have the picture on the post to go from. We are so sorry for the misunderstanding, and we completely understand if you wish to withdraw your bid. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who alerted us to the discrepancy.

Day 5 - Item 14


From Victoria Schwab (THE NEAR WITCH, Disney-Hyperion 2011) a signed DEAD TOSSED WAVES by Carrie Ryan. From Amanda Morgan, a signed L.A. CANDY by Lauren Conrad. From Myra McEntire (HOURGLASS, Egmont USA 2011), a signed and doodled SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater.

Day 5 - Item 13

From Jodi Meadows: A full manuscript critique. 

Day 5 - Item 12

From author Kimberly Derting: A signed copy of The Body Finder, along with a TBF totebag, rubber bracelets, bookmarks, and stickers.

Day 5 - Item 11

From Elizabeth Law, Vice-President and Publisher of Egmont USA:

I will read 30 pages and a plot summary of any novel, or a complete pic book text and or dummy, and provide the following critique:
I will provide a short written report and margin notes, and discuss the work with the author on the phone for 40 minutes. Discussion will include editorial feedback, how to position the work in the market, and any questions the author/artist might have about the industry.  I specialize in being friendly and supportive during the call, while nevertheless giving incisive feedback, so it shouldn’t be too scary!  (And if you live in Manhattan I will do three pieces of your handwashing as a bonus.)
All submissions must come electronically.  (Laundry needs to dropped off at my building)

Day 5 - Item 10

From author Kody Keplinger: One of her personal ARCs of THE DUFF (signed) as well as a full YA manuscript critique (an overall critique for content), and a query critique.

Day 5 - Item 9

From author Jessica Verday: A signed copy of THE HOLLOW with written commentaries throughout the book and a signed finished copy of THE HAUNTED. 

Day 5 - Item 8

From author Jeri Smith-Ready: A signed and author note-marked up copy (think director's commentary) of SHADE.

Day 5 - Item 7

From author Dawn Metcalf (SKIN AND BONES, Dutton 2011): Handmade especially for this auction, a Dolly Parton clothespin doll.

Day 5 - Item 6

From artist/author Stephanie Ruble, a Bunny Bonanza Pack! This set includes:

* A 24 pack of bunny recipe cards to use for your favorite recipes for
carrot cake or other yummy dishes. The recipe cards are printed on 110lb.
card stock.

* 12 bunny greeting cards (two each, of six designs) to send to your
friends and family for their birthday or just to say hi. The greeting
cards are printed on high quality linen paper with matching envelopes.
They're hand cut and folded.

* 8 bookmarks (two each of four designs) to mark your place when you're
reading. Four to keep and four to share. The bookmarks are printed on the
same linen paper as the greeting cards.

Day 5 - Item 5

From Valerie Kemp: A signed copy of 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

THIS JUST IN FROM VALERIE: I'm a filmmaker and I've noticed no one has mentioned screenplays so I'd like to offer up a copy of The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler and a FULL feature-length screenplay critique/evaluation.

Day 5 - Item 4

From Ammi-Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary: A 50-page critique with an extra incentive: although the agency has closed-submission policy, I will open myself up to receive a query from anyone who posts a bid on this auction item. 

Day 5 - Item 3

From author Kari Dell: 

Up to five days stay on a working Montana cattle ranch in Glacier
County, on the east slope of the Rocky Mountains. All meals and and
lodging included. Winning bidder will need to provide their own
transportation to the ranch or one of the nearest airports: Great
Falls, Kalispell or Bozeman, Montana or Calgary, Alberta. Package
includes one day trip to Glacier National Park, weather permitting.
Date of trip is negotiable, to be redeemed by Sept. 1, 2011.

Note to bidders: This is not a dude ranch. You'll get a private cabin
(no hot tub, no spa) and plenty of real Montana ranch life. For more
information regarding the ranch and what you might expect on your
visit go to

Day 5 - Item 2

From Shelli Johannes Wells: A marketing package including a 1 hour consult and a free piece of marketing swag (bkmark or postcard) at a $1000 value.
Note from Shelli: If my auction makes $300, I'll add in a custom twitter background. If it makes $500, I’ll also add in a custom business card design.

Day 5 - Item 1

From Curtis Brown agent Ginger Clark, a thirty minute phone call answering any and all questions about the industry.

Alternate item 1:  Send Ginger 30 questions about the industry and she will answer all of them.  This way, you don't have to worry about taking notes during a phone call or getting nervous!

Alternate item 2:  Thirty minute online chat answering any and all questions about the industry.


Hey all!

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Round Two auction! Comments are now closed. If you're a high bidder, please email us at with the subject ROUND TWO WINNERS in all caps so we can easily find you and hook you up with your item.

REMINDER:  Round one winners who have not claimed your items:  EMAIL US.

AND SECONDLY, a note on Vania's auction.

Vania Stoyanova decided to select a bidder to receive a book shoot when the bidding hit $750. I (Victoria) was lucky enough to win that book shoot. But this is a charity auction, and I have been lucky enough to have Vania shoot my characters once before, so I am passing the book shoot prize to the runner-up in her trailer auction. Enjoy it, and thank you for being so generous, both in contributing and in bidding.

Thanks, everyone!

And check back tomorrow for an EPIC round of items.