Monday, May 10, 2010

Guys. Guys. Hey Guys.

It's been a Monday type of Monday for us, but that hasn't slowed y'all down at all. Bidding is hot, middle Tennessee has relief on the way, and it's all thanks to you.

We'd like to ask a favor.

For winning bidders - we are moving as fast as we can to get your payment instructions to you. We've had some PayPal issues. We think maybe they thought we were secretly planning a trip to Aruba - compliments of you - so they locked our account for a few hours. We're sorting that out.

If you've sent us an email with an offer for a donation, we thank you. Please understand that there are only three of us, and (luckily) there are way more of you! We're alerting donors the night before their auction goes up, and right now that's as quickly as we can go. If at all possible, please do not email to ask if we've received your item. We have more than 600 emails in our inbox.

This is crazysauce. And also, awesome.

On one hand: We've agreed we cannot continue at the pace we're going for more than ten days. On the other hand: We have WAY more than enough auction items for ten days. So the plan is this:

1) We'll shortly be closing donations. Even if you are J.K. Rowling and you donate an item, we will have to say no thank you. (Okay, for J.K. we'll make an exception.)

2) For all the items that won't fit in days one through ten, we will organize bundles by item/genre. Crits, signed books, craft items, magazine subscriptions, artwork, etc.

3) We're developing a way for you to bid for these items. Example of what such a blog post might look like:

(Picture of five books.)

We have five signed books by authors A, B, C, D and E. First five commenters to agree to donate $15 each win a book. Books will be assigned randomly. Go.

4) We'll alert donors to make sure they want to participate in this way before we post the bundles.

Make sense? Good. Have questions? Comment.

Please, for the love of all that is literary, do not email.



  1. Also Suzanne Collins.

    Suzanne? Call me.

  2. You guys aren't doing raffles? But I love raffles!

  3. Raffles are * illegal * in the state of Tennessee.

    So we're doing a non-raffle.

  4. I only just received the link to your site, and I'm in awe of your selflessness and caring. I'm a local author, and I would have certainly donated an autographed copy of any of my releases, though I'm sure people would be scratching their head and wondering who the heck I am. :)

  5. Yes, Suzanne Collins!

    We've all been hoping that an ARC of Mockinjgay will pop up soon.

    Oh, the biding would get fierce! Elbow throwing, hair pulling, arrow shooting!

    Last one to survive in the auction dome wins!

  6. Raffles are illegal in TN? Say what?

  7. Well we wouldn't want to take part in illegal activities. I'll just get my refresh button nice and limber.

  8. Hey, Myra and all ... whatever you can do with my proffered donation and whenever you can get to it, so be it ... y'all are heroes, and I so appreciate everything that you have done for Tennessee.

  9. Y'all know we love you, right?

    Just so you know.


  10. Not to clutter up your mailbox with more emails, but if it would help, I would fill the rope bowls with an assortment of Texas treats. We have some lovely confectioners here. Or maybe one with sweet treats and one with barbeque goodies.

  11. just to kill everyone's hopes--they're not printing ARCs of Mockingjay.

  12. and hannahtron comes in with the final blow.


  13. I did know that.

    I still want Suzanne to call me.


  15. Hannah Moskowitz wins my heart.

  16. WHY isn't that your auction post picture?


  17. Oooh! Sorry Myra! I just got home from work, shot you off an email (dtwtfn addy), and then came here to check out the auction and saw this. My email is just clarifying all the great stuff I'm offering along with my Personal Demons ARC on Day 7.

    Also, you are FAAAABULOUS! (That's my Billy Crystal impersonation. What'd you think?) Do you need more cupcakes or beer shaped cookies? I'm happy to send some =)

  18. because then i would have to change my blogger profile picture

    and the world would be confused

    and the text would be too small to read.

    so I have to just randomly bomb threads with it.

  19. Big hugs, ladies! I will drive up to Nashville and bring you caffeine and chocolate if you need it!

  20. Just wanted to say that you guys are awesome, raffles or no!

    Also that the Hannahtron scares me a little, but I secretly liked the other Hannahtron picture better (the one that was posted the other night in the book trailer thread).

    Also want Suzanne Collins to donate an ARC for Mockingjay, even if said ARC doesn't exist.

    Sending much <3 your way, Victoria, Myra and Amanda. You guys rock!!!

  21. there's only one hannahtron picture. it's the same one.

  22. I love it when my random artwork becomes iconic.

    Hannah + Derek's terrible art = Classic. We should take over the world.

  23. Derek, seriously, this picture has transformed me in a whole new way.

  24. I think that artwork should somehow go up for bid. That's how much I love it.

    Also, SORRY MYRA!! (I may have sent an email today... but I filled it with love and compliments.)

  25. Sorry, I got confused. It wasn't Hannahtron. It was this picture -

    I like the Hannahtron picture too. I just think this guy is funny.

  26. In example #3, if I wanted all five books, could I comment once
    for $75 noting it was for all five? Or post five consecutive comments of $15?