Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Round/Day four bids close at midnight!

Round/Day Four bids close at midnight!  Bid now!

Day 6 - Item 23

From author Alethea Kontis: Her personal author copy of her book AlphaOops: H is for Halloween, signed. 

Day 6 - Item 22

From author Shelllie Brauener: A critique of  PB manuscript, and query letter, as well as a signed copy of her book THE GREAT DOG WASH. 

Day 6 - Item 21

From Executive Director of SCBWI and author Lin Oliver: Two signed Hank Zipzer books by Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler and one signed Daniel Funk book by Lin Oliver.

Day 6 - Item 20

From author Caroline Star Rose: a critique of ten pages of a middle grade manuscript or 10 pages of a novel-in-verse manuscript or an entire picture book manuscript.

Day 6 - Item 19

From author Lindsey Leavitt: A signed copy of PRINCESS FOR HIRE, a tiara and a princess swag goodie bag.

Day 6 - Item 18

From blogger/chocolatier S.F. Robertson: Gourmet handmade chocolates (sample pictured).

Day 6 - Item 17

From agent Mary Kole of Andrea Brown Literary: A full YA or MG manuscript critique.
Note: Mary will add a phone call to the critique IF the bid goes past $600.

*Note from Mary:  If you are generous enough to win this item, I will do the critique WHENEVER you are ready. Don't let your "unfinished" or "work-in-progress" status stop you.

Day 6 - Item 16

From author Chloe Neill

- Signed/personalized ARC of forthcoming TWICE BITTEN
- Signed/personalized TWICE BITTEN bookmark
- Signed/personalized copy of FIRESPELL
- Chicagoland Vampires pen
- "I've Been Twice Bitten" silicone wristband
- "I Heart Cadogan" bumper sticker
- St. Sophia's School for Girls magnet

Payment Information for Winners

Thank you SO MUCH for the fantastic response.  This has been absolutely WONDERFUL.

Unfortunately, our PayPal account is down.  When I spoke to customer service yesterday, they apologized and assured us it would be back up within 24 hours.  I faxed personal documentation and the Community Foundation faxed them information to expedite the process.  PayPal emailed me this morning to say it would be 3-5 days before these things could be processed.

Obviously we want this money to be received by the Community Foundation as soon as possible, so our payments are going a little differently, meaning that the money will now go directly to the charity.  We’ll be contacting our winners with further details on how to proceed with a link and information on how to pay.

Winners, if you don't receive an email from us after 24 hours regarding how to pay and claim your item, you totally have permission to bug us.

There are also some winners who have not yet emailed to claim prizes.  Please do so as soon as possible.

For those who have already paid, you're fine!

Thanks for your support and patience.  You are all wonderful.  

Amanda, Victoria, and Myra

A Quick Note

Since there's been some confusion.

Day = Round.

We call them ROUND often because they technically last for three days. The Rounds/Days are closing in order. Last night at midnight round/day 3 closed. Tonight at midnight round/day 4 will close.

If you don't know which round/day is about to close, simply click on the posts. If they say, for instance, "Day 3, Item 1" and at the bottom of the comments there's a notice along the lines of "THE BIDDING IS CLOSED" then round/day 3 is closed.

We're sorry for any confusion. This auction has been a new experience for us, and is very much learn-as-you-go.

Thank you, as ever, for your patience.

Day 6 - Item 15

From agent Kathleen Ortiz of Lowenstein Associates Inc.: a full manuscript critique plus a 30 minute phone call.

From Kathleen, post auction: I wrote an email to the lovely mods, letting them know if you and Sarah both donate $1,050, I'll happily award the prize to each of you :)

Day 6 - Item 14

From author Kiersten White: A signed, personalized ARC of PARANORMALCY, a Paranormalcy tee shirt, and a query critique.

Day 6 - Item 13

From Egmont USA executive editor Regina Griffin: An hour-long phone call to discuss the publishing business.

Regina sweetens the pot: She will critique fifteen pages of the winner's manuscript as well!

Day 6 - Item 12

Delta Blues is complete with stories from masters like James Lee Burke, John Grisham, Ace Atkins, Charlaine Harris, Suzanne Hudson, Bill Fitzhugh, Suzann Ellingsworth, Tom Franklin & Beth Ann Fennelly, Mary Saums, Lynne Barrett, Dean James, Les Standiford, Toni L.P. Kelner, and Carolyn Haines, plus stories from up and coming and brand new authors like Alice Jackson, David Sheffield, Nathan Singer, Michael Lister, and Daniel Martine!

This copy is signed by: Charlaine Harris, Carolyn Haines, Alice Jackson, Mary Saums (Nashvillian), Nathan Singer, Daniel Martine, David Sheffield, Lynne Barrett, Suzanne Ellingsworth, Dean James, Toni L.P. Kelner,

Day 6 - Item 11

Miss out on the first pair? We've got another! From Jodi Meadows: A pair of handmade fingerless gloves. Wool depicted on left (Please note: Jodi has a cat. Jodi spins her own wool. If you are allergic to cats, you have been warned).

Day 6 - Item 10

From Harlequin American editor Johanna Raisanen: A critique of first three chapters and a synopsis.

Day 6 - Item 9

From Abby Zidle, Senior Editor, Gallery/Pocket Books (an imprint of S&S): Three critiques of first chapter and synopsis (Abby acquires romance/women's fic/thrillers/mainstream commercial fic/narrative nonfiction, but not mystery or SF/F). 

Top three bidders win. 

Day 6 - Item 8

From the Oak Ridge Boys: An autographed copy of Joe Bonsall's book, G.I. Joe & Lillie. 

Day 6 - Item 7

From Rebecca Maizel, author of Infinite Days: one signed American ARC, one signed UK hardcover, and a full manuscript critique. 

Day 6 - Item 6

From author A.S. King: A not-yet-available-to-most signed ARC of PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ, along with a signed copy of THE DUST OF 100 DOGS.

Day 6 - Item 5

From author S. Bodeen:  A signed copy of The Gardener and a picture book critique.

Day 6 - Item 4

1.) Signed to the winner: ARC of 13 to Life (releasing June 22, first in a YA paranormal series from St. Martin's Press, winner of first-ever cell phone novel contest in the western world)

2.) Signed to the winner: 13 to Life mini-poster

3.) Super-shiny 13 to Life "eye pin"

4.) Glow-in-the-dark 13 to Life: Live Life Fiercely pin

5.) Bookmarks

6.) Thanks to the winner in the Acknowledgements of 13 to Life book 2, hitting shelves in early 2011


7.) Shannon's gratitude for stepping up and helping a great American city in need! <3

Day 6 - Item 3

From author Stephanie Burgis: The UK paperback of A MOST IMPROPER MAGICK (published in August 2010 - this book won't be available in the states until Spring 2011).

Day 6 - Item 2

From author/professor Holly Tucker:

Item: Phone consultation and 2 hours of research help for writers working on historical fiction or narrative nonfiction/history.

Day 6 - Item 1

From Kimberly Pauley at Young Adult Books Central:  Three months of advertising for your book or YA lit/related service - two prizes offered - top two bidders are winners!



The thing about having so many amazing contributors is this: they change their minds, they up their games, they make incredible displays of generosity.

Agent Suzie Townsend emailed me last night to say that she noticed the last four bids for her editorial letter on a full ms and phone call were all over $1000.

Her exact words: For that kind of donation, I'm willing to read and write an editorial letter and call all four of them (please note it will take her a few weeks, and she asks you to be patient).

So here's the thing. With $200 separating the four, we've knocked the final bid back to an even $1000. Four highest bidders: Derek Whisman, Helena Carlo, Denise Grover Swank, and willmail, if you are still willing to bid that, contact us via email ASAP.

We continue to be amazed by the generosity of our community.

Round III is Closed!

Hey Bidders!

Round III is CLOSED!

Email us at dtwtfn@gmail.com if you're the high bidder.

Thanks again for supporting flood relief and being patient with us!

~Amanda, Myra, and Victoria