Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 6 - Item 16

From author Chloe Neill

- Signed/personalized ARC of forthcoming TWICE BITTEN
- Signed/personalized TWICE BITTEN bookmark
- Signed/personalized copy of FIRESPELL
- Chicagoland Vampires pen
- "I've Been Twice Bitten" silicone wristband
- "I Heart Cadogan" bumper sticker
- St. Sophia's School for Girls magnet


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  2. $200
    Kristianna S.

  3. OMG you guys and gals are awesome!!!

  4. I meant $450 sorry

  5. Sigh, why do I get the feeling I'm going to get outbid on this?

    Gotta try...


  6. Well assuming we can come up with an agreeable way to split the loot, I'm willing to match your bid to double the pot to the fund that the auction is supporting. Of course, that also assumes we don't get outbid.

    If your interested let me know, if not ...


  7. D'oh! Saw your post earlier Andy but couldn't post back. I'm perfectly willing to try to share the loot, but it looks like we've been outbid, and I'm at my limit. :( Thanks for the offer!

    Good luck to you though!

  8. Okay I'm feeling really selfish and I'm ashamed of myself. If Andy or anyone else wants to double and split the winnings I am betting we can come up with an agreement. The money goes to a really great cause and this is too great of a prize to hog. Let me know. Oh this is assuming I dont get out bid.

  9. I'm still on board with doubling up. I can meet the $700 or if you want we can all three jump in on the $585, since that would add up to more. My thing is, I'm a huge fan of her stories (second only to -storytelling deity- Joss Whedon) so I'd like to get a hold of some shwag, but I could survive waiting until July to read the book if I had to. It's where the money is going that's got me dipping deeper than I normally would.

    Let me know what y'all want to do. adumboski -at- gmail -dot- com

  10. Kristianna - if you're ok with spliting the pack 3 ways, I'd be in at $585. However, if you'd rather not, I would totally understand. I wish I could match the $700, but I just can't go there. :(

    Similar to Andy, I'm a huge fan of her stories and am bidding higher than what I probably should because of where the money's going. I would love an autographed book, but it doesn't have to be the ARC. I'll manage to survive until July to read it. :)

    Let me know what you guys think.
    eve733 at gmail . dot . com

  11. and my last comment was contingent on Kristianna not being outbid, naturally. :)

  12. I'm sending you both a email now. its svetich at hartford. dot. edu

  13. OK so we worked.

    Kristianna: $630
    Evy E: $585
    Andrew: $585

    Total combined bid: $1800


    Kristianna, Evy E, and Andrea win!

  15. And, of course, I can't let a bid of $1800 go without comment...or extra prizes. So, to thank you all for your generosity, once Amanda and the gang finalize the details of your donations, I'll send EACH of you a TWICE BITTEN ARC and prize pack.

    Thank you so much for your fabulous teamwork!


  16. Wow! Thank you so much, Chloe!

  17. Wow this is amazing! Your the best Chloe!

  18. I only just now realized my typo earlier (iPhone thumbs strike again.) That was supposed to say "OK so we worked it out."

    Anyway, given Chloe's awesomeness, we agreed to make it an even $600 each.

    Thanks again for the opportunity and generosity. To say it was worth it would be an understatement.

    Y'all absolutely rock - Andy