Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Lunch with NYT bestselling author Claudia Gray for you and up to three friends!

FROM CLAUDIA: If you win the auction, I will fly to the nearest major US/Canadian city and meet you and up to three friends/family members/any non-ax-murdering folks you'd like to invite for lunch or dinner, where I will pick up the tab. (I am also picking the restaurant, which will be nearish the airport, probably, but will be someplace nice.) Everybody at the meal gets signed copies of HOURGLASS, the third book in the EVERNIGHT series, and I'll talk with you about the series, upcoming books, writing, publishing, Stefan vs. Damon, you name it.

A couple of caveats:

1) Due to existing travel commitments, the lunch or dinner will need to take place either in July or in October. We'll work together to find a date that can suit everyone.

2) A major city is one I can fly to nonstop from Chicago on a major airline. It has to be in the United States or Canada. If you are unsure about whether the city would work, email me at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, subject line "big city for DTWT auction," and I can let you know before you bid.

3) Thanks to the awesome author of WAKE, Lisa McMann, for being brave enough to do this and inspire me to follow in her footsteps!



  1. OMG if I had the money THIS would be the one auction I'd want to win! Hope the winner has an amazing time :)

  2. Dear Bree, I love you (and The Dark Divine). Just wanted to add that before the bidding gets crazy.

    And obviously, I love Claudia, too.


  3. Thanks for the love, Angie! But you just maxed me out. *shakes fist*

    Love ya anyway!

    (I hope you win and have fab lunch!)

  4. I wish to bid $600 as I would love for Claudia to come to SUNNY, BEAUTIFUL VANCOUVER BC !!!