Sunday, May 9, 2010


Lunch with NYT bestselling author Lisa McMann for you and your friends!

Lisa McMann will fly to your nearest major US city, meet you and up to three of your closest friends at or near the airport for a late lunch/early dinner (Lisa's buying). She will bring each of you a personalized, signed copy of GONE (the final book in the WAKE trilogy), and spend  time with you chatting about whatever bookish things the winning bidder wants to talk about -- the publishing process, how to be a better writer, books in general, tales of Miss Spoobin, how to roast a pork butt...whatever! In addition, the winning bidder will be presented with the amazing Miss Spoobin. (For the story on Miss Spoobin, a very special spoon friend, go here: )  Get your friends to all pitch in and bid, or surprise your teen, spouse or BFF with this unique opportunity!

More deets from Lisa:
1. I can meet you any day of the week and would like to make our lunch happen sometime this summer. I can work with you to determine a date that is suitable for everyone involved.

2. Definition of a major city: Basically, one to which I can fly directly (or with a very quick layover) on Delta from Phoenix. Please feel free to email me with your city choice before you bid if your nearest big city is questionable, and I'll let you know if that city works.



  1. $500 - from me, Victoria, and Amanda

  2. Okay.

    We regret to inform you that we might have jumped the gun,
    and we're afraid you aren't bidding against us because of our awesome auction power.

    So we retract our bid.

    For now.

  3. People of the auction, do not fear our awesome! OUR awesome is only a reflection of YOUR awesome :)


  4. *bites nails* Dare I bid against my own agent?

    Yes! I dare!


    (V, M, and A, you ARE awesome!)

  5. If I had the money for this kind of an auction, this is the one I'd be bidding for. Just want to give a huge thumbs up to Lisa McMann for doing such an awesome thing both to raise money for TN and also for her fans.

  6. Would love to bid but unless you want to come to Australia, I guess I'm out.
    X Kerri

  7. This is the sort of oppotunity I'd blow my life savings for.

    My bestie Susan and I are bidding $500.


    lizwhelan is the winner.