Sunday, May 9, 2010

These Bids Too Rich For Your Blood?

Never fear.

We're busy restructuring day ten so everyone who wants to contribute will have an opportunity to do so - and possibly get something in return. In addition, a graphic designer has been alerted. T-shirts (and maybe more) are in the works.

So sit back and enjoy all the crazy, cutthroat bidding going down in the comments, and don't blow your budgeted fun money on lattes, bubblegum and cupcakes this week.

And because it can never be said enough, THANK YOU.


  1. Oh good to know! I have worked hard to cultivate the poor writer image, hate to blow it by bidding too high. Plus my mortgage company likes to be paid. Bunch of jerks.

    But a T-shirt I can swing. Thanks for working something out for those of us with limited funds but generous hearts. This auction has been so inspiring.

  2. This is fabulous news and a great idea! Thank you for letting the little people contribute :)

  3. T-shirts are an awesome idea. I want one! :-)

    This is so, so wonderful, ladies. Keep at it!

  4. Thanks for thinking of this. I work, but can't go as high as some of these bids. My husband would kill me.

  5. Thank you! I mean I'd LOVE a critique... but like Natalie said - it would probably lead to interesting conversations with my bank manager and/or husband. But although my heart droops a little at that - it inflates again with all the good these high bids are doing for folks on Nashville. T shirts and random bidding for other items sounds like something I might be able to afford :)

    Word verification: Outkillin (I promise I'm not).

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