Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where We Are

Yesterday we didn't have words.

Today, we've lost most gross motor functions and carry no hope of finding our cars in parking lots or remembering to put the cap back on the toothpaste. You say we owe you an email? We solemnly swear we're working on it.

We're plumb tuckered out, people. But that's okay.

Know why?



Carry on.


  1. I have never been prouder to be apart of the writing community. You three are FABULOUS!

  2. This is such an amazing thing! I don't even care if I don't get anything, I'm having fun reading the smackdowns and watching the bids climb ever higher.

    I saw Rachel Gardner say her donation goes up on Day 8.

    DAY 8???

    WOWZA. I'm so proud to be apart of such an awesome community. I think we all are, truthfully. Everyone is blowing my mind, this is amazing.

    Get some rest! You're doing an amazing job.


  3. wow! This is awesome! Thank you for creating this charity auction! Congrats for all your hard work!

  4. I am so excited for all the great you're doing!!!!!

  5. OMG! That is so incredible. Go hang with your family, M, and get some sleep. The emails can wait for a few hours.

    So proud of our writing community.

  6. Very proud of all who donated. And very thankful to all who are placing bids.

  7. Thanks, you guys, for the awesomeness you're spreading. :)

  8. Who says toothpaste needs a cap? Get some rest and thank YOU for organizing.

  9. I just want to say thank you. You guys are amazing for organizing such an event. I tell everyone I know in Bellevue about this. I was lucky because I live on a hill between Bellevue and Bellemeade, and my house didn't recieve damage. But so many of my friends and people I know from work lost everything.
    We all appreciate your support!!

  10. YOU are amazing!! WOW!! I hope you guys get some rest. :D

  11. I continue to be speechless.

    You're all fantastic for coming up with such an extensive program so quickly.

  12. Is there anything we can do to help? Seriously. Anything?

    I can't begin to imagine just how overwhelming the response must be. But as a fellow Nashvillian, I know how NEEDED this is. The three of you are amazing.

    All best, Holly (@history_geek)

  13. You'll hit 5 digits soon. Yay, so awesome, girls.

  14. Is there a way to donate without bidding? Most of the auctions exceed my budget which is GREAT for you guys, but then I don't get to contribute.

    How about a listing that's just for voluntary donations? I could do $20 - $25 and I don't need anything in return. I'm sure there are a lot of others who would donate something if this option were available.

    Just a thought. If you want to send me the PayPal details, email me at missvspeaks (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Keep up the great work!

  15. We also have a donate button coming directly from the organization we're fundraising for. Should be up Monday! We also have another plan on the way ... THANK YOU!

  16. I sent an email hoping to donate a few days ago and haven't heard back. You must be absolutely flooded with emails, which is a great thing. Thank you for this. I was lucky and my house did not flood, but a couple of my friends lost everything in Nashville. You are doing a great kindness.