Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today is your last day to bid on day one items!  Comments are closed at midnight!

Did you know that the oh-so-fabulous Miss Snark is in on the bidding?  Be sure to check this day one post to see the seriously snarky bidding war going down right now:


  1. All kidding aside, it would be awesome if there were a "donation button" with a PayPal link for people who want to donate but are perhaps not interested in the auction process. Which, I have discovered, is terrifyingly brutal when it involves bacon.

    Thanks, ladies, for contributing your time and effort to set this up!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

    I was in contact with the Community Foundation yesterday and they're going to be emailing me a button sometime soon!

    Fortunately this button will not involve anything resembling bacon (I hope) so the process should be non-brutal.

  3. Which midnight? (aka which timezone hehe)