Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 9 - Item 11

From author Lisa Mantchev:

"Personalized/signed copies of Eyes Like Stars and Perchance To Dream (finished hardcovers, US or Canada; paperback ELS/ARC of PTD, international)

Backstage Pass bracelets and assorted swag

Mention in the acknowledgments of So Silver Bright (Theatre Illuminata, Book 3)

Should the bidding go over $100, I will add one of the following (winner's choice):

Half hour authorly phone call from me (US) or Skype session (International)
500-word custom flash fiction scene of the auction winner with the fairies.

Should the bidding go over $200, both will be included!"


  1. Let's go directly for the phone call, shall we? :)

  2. WHY COULDN'T I BE BORN AS A HILTON? I need a bigger bank account!


  3. *correction*
    "Why couldn't I have been born as a Hilton?"
    And I call myself a writer. Jeesh.

  4. I'm so sorry Karen--you know I love you. REALLY want this so....$201

    *runs and hides, happy dancing the whole way!*

  5. Sara, Sara, Sara--did you REALLY think I'd let you beat me by $9? You may be my CP but I will NOT be defeated! :)


  6. The bidding is closed. Shannon wins!