Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 9 - Item 13

A MASSIVE prize package from the GotYA girls. This would be perfect for an aspiring author who really wants to whip their book into shape:

-From agent Emmanuelle Alspaugh of Judith Ehrlich Literary Agency: A query and 15 first pages of mss critique.

-From agent Taylor Martindale of Sandra Dijsktra Literary Agency: A full ms read.

-Manuscript critiques from at least 3 of our blog members

-Query critiques from at least 3 of our blog members

-A guest blogging spot for the summer on our blog (topics must be YA or writing-related)

-One signature banner (for use on forums like Absolute Write or blogs) and coordinating bookmark design from our resident graphic designer. Winner has option of providing photographs which they would like used. If winner does not have photos, we will select stock photography (iStockphoto, excluding Vetta collection) for them based on a summery or query for their ms and using our own discretion and judgement.

EDIT: I've left out an item!!
A mss copy edit from former Sourcebooks copy editor, Veronica Roth.

EDITED AGAIN (LAST TIME): One of these, YA book themed:


  1. Holy smokes!

    I know this will get way too rich for my blood but $100

  2. What a cool package!


  3. This will probably go way out of my budget soon too, but until then ...


  4. Ooooh, why is that everyone except me seems to be rich?


  5. $210
    with a case like this, I wish it was only a 24 auction, three days is too long to wait how high it goes. Prediction: Breaks 1K in the first 24 hours.

    This is an AWESOME package.

  6. Wow! You guys are amazing! The last item added is an I Read Banned Books YA themed bracelet. Thanks for the bids! Can't wait to see who we're blogging with this summer!

  7. Thank you for the awesome package!


  8. Here's to the inevitable (and Erinn's prediction) ...


  9. I should really keep my mouth shut, I keep screwing myself out of auctions.

  10. I gave up on it altogether days ago.

  11. Thank you for the very generous bid! This is a great cause to support. We're happy to have a package to offer. There's a lot here, maybe get a group together and split the prize up if you're interested in bidding?

  12. That's an interesting idea ... I've already taken a look at previous bids and done the math: some queries are going for at least $200, first 10 pages by an agent $250, first 50 pages by an agent $850 and this is a full crit! Come on you guys! I like a little competition ... ;-)

  13. Want want want. I'll compete with ya, Christine!


  14. Can we get a link to the source for those awesome bracelets?

    ...and this is an awesome prize.

  15. Here's the adult:

    And here's the teen

    Thanks to Jamie Blair for the idea and donation....I'm buying one myself b/c they are too awesome!!!

  16. Man, this is just such a good deal. I might have to check it out again before it closes

  17. Gah, this is a great deal! I want to participate but it's a little too rich for my blood.

  18. Hey everyone-

    Popping in to thank you all SO much for your bids so far--the writing community is just amazing!

    Also, a quick clarification: Veronica's technical title was "proofreader"--totally my goof!


  19. Geez Mel snuck up on me. Didn't even see it until now. Congratulations!

  20. Wow, guys, I just want to say thank you to all of the bidders for making this package so successful to help out Nashville.

    I would like to extend an offer of critting mani's to anyone who bet on this package. I'm throwing it out myself to do a crit...I'm not a pubbed writer. I'm agented, on sub, and I'm an English teacher...scary, right? LOL

    Some of the other gals have offered to do query crits as well.

    If you're interested, you can contact us through GotYA or my personal email:

    Check back with GotYA since we might be doing either an auction or raffle for a late breaking agent offer of critting a query.

  21. I'd be happy to do query crits for anyone who bid! Like Krista, here's my disclaimer - I'm not pubbed yet, agented and on submission, but will be happy to give my thougts on your queries.

  22. I'm also happy to do a query crit for anyone who bid, or a first chapter critique for the four runner-ups. :)

    Contact GotYA or email me at houndrat at yahoo dot com

    Thanks everyone--you all are AMAZING! And a special big WOOO HOOOO to Mel! YAY! We look forward to working with you soon!

  23. Dear GotYA posters,
    I’ll take you up on your offers and in appreciation for the fine concept of this auction/blog and the generous donations, I will give $200 for Nashville relief through DTWTFN though I technically didn’t win. We all win being part of a good cause and a helpful community anyway.

  24. Yay Jeania--that is so generous of you! <3333 Can't wait to hear from you!

  25. Aw, Jeania, that's awesome of you!!! I know Nashville really appreciates it!

    Like Deb aka Houndie said, we'll be looking forward to hearing from ya!